Transforming Healthcare with the Virginia Mason Production System

For the last 15 years, Virgnia Mason has been improving healthcare by delivering better and more efficient outcomes using the Toyota Production System. The improvements have been so successful that they established the Virginia Mason Institute to help other healthcare organizations realize similar benefits.

Virginia Mason Institute Homepage


The original design was hastily produced years prior for a conference. I felt the design and more importantly the messaging lacked a clear focus for marketing the organization’s services.

addition, the new site needed to incorporate many of the on-site technical SEO enhancements that are standard in websites today. Work was completed as an employee of Virginia Mason.

My Role

  • UX/UI Designer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Video Production
  • Content Development Assistance


Survey the competitive landscape, looking for ways to frame and present information, as well as differentiate the Virginia Mason Institute from others.

Analyze the existing site’s content, challenging the team to be sympathetic to the needs of potential customers. For example, were there common threads of questions and objections that were fielded during sales calls, and how could we bring those considerations to the forefront? See A/B testing below for additional detail.

Worked with the executive leadership team to organize existing and new content through a simple card sorting exercise. Ideas were coalesced into a series of wireframes to help illustrated informational groups.

Virginia Mason Institute SitemapVirginia Mason Institute Wireframes

A/B Testing

I also did some crude A/B testing (unfortunately, an A/B testing platform was not an option). We created three primary CTA’s: offering a free chapter from Transforming Healthcare (a book about the Virginia Mason Production System), a plain contact us today, or a free 15-minute consultation. What was interesting about the free 15-minute consultation was that it already implicitly offered. By making the offer explicit, the free consultation had the higher conversion rate.


  • Increased organic search traffic by 350%
  • Improved lead generation conversion rate by 20%
  • Helped establish a reputable brand identity that was carried out through other marketing materials

Thank You

The website would not have been possible these folks at Virginia Mason: Chris Backous, Gordon Sansaver, Diana Thorson, Isaac Philips, Alan Hativa, and Brad Purdue.