Helping those waiting for a organ transplant with affordable housing...

Where would you stay if you were waiting for organ transplant and weren't sure if it was tomorrow or a year from now? If you live near a major medical center the anwser may be easy for you, but for many it is not.


Transplant House is a non-profit organization that provides people who are waiting for an organ transplant with affordable housing. The University of Washington Medical Center is one of the few major medical centers in the Northwest that provides a wide range of organ transplants. Recipients need to be available within hours of an organ’s availability, and sometimes only need housing for only a few days, sometimes for months. This unknown variability makes finding housing in the Seattle area difficult. I helped the organization create a unique and professional web presence that reflected the organizational goals.

My Role

  • UI Design
  • Proto-Personas
  • Front-End Development
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Content Development
  • MODx CMS Integration
Transplant House HomepageTransplant House Interior Page


I began by talking with existing board members, many of which are organ recipients themselves. Their stories, as well as, other patient stories were ones that I felt resonated the mission of Transplant House. During my interviews, I captured the many of the key roles for individuals who interact with researching and renting a room. I developed three proto-personnas (patients, donors, and caregivers) to help guide content development and site IA. The personas helped shape the vision for the site, as well as the content we would need to develop.

Using personas as part of my process

Transplant House User Personas

Sitemap for IA and content development

Transplant House Sitemap

Wireframes for content heirarcy, groupings, and flow

Transplant House WireframesTransplant House Wireframes

Content Development

I also had the pleasure of developing a short patient video with Brook and her powerful and moving story. I have to thank Alan Hativa for his help with video editing.