Bringing purpose and reputation into focus...

For the latest Conenza website iteration, I helped them move away from the bland stock design and photography; to one with a modern, focused appeal.

Conenza Corportate Website


Simple guerrilla testing of our original website revealed several pain points:

  • Conenza’s products and services, as well as what features and benefits our platform provides were not clearly expressed. Participants often had no idea what we offered.
  • Conenza’s site design did not communicate confidence because of generic stock imagery and design.
  • Content on our site was difficult to digest because of the density of information.
  • Our site was not responsive. A standard these days.

I used for further value proposition testing and refinement. I'm still not content with our current value proposition. I've left it up to the leadership team at this point.

My Role

  • UI Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Strategic Audit
  • Competitive Benchmarking


Prominent value propositions are a key part of current design trends because they quickly help people conceptualize what products and services a company provides. For many, this purpose is often not evident because of poor hierarchy (visual & IA), as well as lost in vague marketing copy.

This certainly was the case with the original website. The new design clarifies our mission into succinct value proposition. Clear CTA’s were also introduced to encourage people to take the next step and either sign up for a demo or learn more about a particular benefit. Last, features and benefits were also surfaced so people could quickly understand how our platform could help them and their alumni community.

What was also missing was our established reputation with corporate alumni programs. For 15 years Conenza has been a leader in helping companies establishing and leveraging value from their alumni communities. In the new site design, we added custom logos and testimonials of a few of our key clients to help establish our reputation. I would have liked to pull more of these social signals to the forefront.

Key features were also surfaced, based on my internal stakeholder reviews with frontline sales and marketing staff.

Finally, testimonials with our clients were added to reinforce our expertise with enterprise clients and some of the world's largest alumni networks.

Thank you

Immense thank you to Jeremy Klukan for his JavaScript expertise.