Ever since my first 286/16 computer that I tore apart after a week, I've had a natural curiosity to explore, learn and create. My frontiers these days are developing my craft for creating great experiences.

Validating & Testing with Users

The tools and concepts that I’m exploring traverse the UX spectrum. One aspect is communicating with people who use the product in a way that provides sufficient fidelity for testing and validating ideas, such as Keynote and Origami. As a UX designer, I make assumptions around usage, and I can ask what someone would do, but it’s better to see what they actually do.

Communicating with Developers

Adequately communicating with developers has been a ubiquitous issue in tech. In the past, details were documented in product specs that no one really read, and reviewed in endless meetings. I’m fortunate to understand some of the underlying technical implementation considerations. I think it could be better. Developing prototypes with Framer.js I believe, may help bridge the gap between design and development. The more you can show a developer what the end product is supposed to look like and how it’s supposed to function from their POV the better.

I'm also facinated by tools such as Angular.js and Polymer as foundational tools for building my own apps.


I would love to learn to meditate...my mind relentlessly wanders. Some of my best moments, when I’m in the flow is when I’m creating. Encaustic painting is an art medium using wax that I could see as a creative escape. I am blown away by the work by Betsy Eby.